Some Highlights~

Some highlights from the week..
*Tim is home from college for 3 months
*Molly was voted Senior Class President
*Haley had her last spring volleyball game
and Molly got to coach :)
* I am 2 weeks away from having the biggest part
of my job done..GRADUATION! whew!
*AND the best news of all..we found a home to rent for awhile!
A story that has God written all over it!
He is so faithful!
Just last week I wrote about this verse He led me to...
I am trusting that the Lord is "searching out places for us to camp and He will show us the way"
This little home is owned my a christian family
that is been waiting for someone to come along and
rent their home they have to leave for a job out of state!
They said the Lord told them awhile ago that
He has a specific family for this home..
It has alot of cute features and I'm so thankful
that we have a place to LIVE!!~
My favorite..(besides all of the fruit trees)
A HOT TUB~ Already ordered my bathing suit for the summer!

**still waiting for that job for Darren to come along**


Robin said...

I'm the blonde

Suzanne said...

Just reading through some of your posts, Tracy, and really enjoying them. My kids are small, but I'm watching them grow fast. Thanks for sharing your stuff. Digging the swim suits. :)