Journal Flashback~

Written in my journal June 15, 2010

How Great Thou Art,
Your hand provides and Your love sustains! 
my soul sings for You!
My heart cries for You!

Genesis 11 & 12 (The Tower of Babel and The Call of Abram)

*Faith means acting on our beliefs.
 God give me the strength to ACT!
*We have only the Lord's WORD as our guide

A life of faith is not a life of mounting
up with wings but a life of walking and not fainting!
There is healing & salvation,
comfort and joy,
tender mercies,
Lord, all that I have is yours!

I love going back and reading through my journals.
I'm not sure what my heart was feeling when
I wrote this hodge podge of thoughts and prayers,
but today, I write it again....IN YOUR NAME, JESUS, IN YOUR NAME!

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