Right now, today, this week, heck, this month, 
I feel too weary to even write out what is going on in our life.
It's not a fun season.
I will put words to it all soon enough,
but for now, I will continue to meditate on the word

to remain stable and fixed in a state!

When I chose this word in January for the OneWord2011..I would've never have imagined what the first half of 2011 would hold for our family of 5! Wow!

I have enjoyed reading Melissa's blog and was wrecked by some of her thoughts on OneWord2011. Her description of what God is teaching her these first six months of 2011 line up so much with where my heart has been. Here are a few thoughts from her OneWord post that I loved!

Melissa's words: 

Things that I felt were necessary in my life became the things that God was asking me to let go of

Sacrifice without abiding is a weary trudge…

.... let go of my expectations, assumptions and control so that I can rest more fully in the presence of God and the knowledge that it has nothing to do with me.

While I ABIDE, He is always doing a new work in me, taking me to place I never thought I could go, stripping me of things I would've never thought HE would take, all the while, whispering in me ear..ABIDE! So, I take these words, I take God's promises, I keep my eyes on the prize and know there will be brighter days ahead! The ABIDING has drawn me on my knees as I no longer just seek HIS hand but I SEEK HIS FACE..HIS FACE ONLY!! He is beautiful beyond description!


Kelli said...

Love You!

Suzanne and Chris Acuff said...

I missed out on the one word at the beginning of the year. I wasn't "connected" then. I love abide and John 15. Such a great word that brings such tranquility. Thanks for the reminder.