Living Beyond Yourself~

Fall Bible Study~

Beth Moore

I have been missing being in a Bible study this summer.
I love having a workbook, journal, bible
and digging in with some friends.  Life just
seems to get too busy, which is no excuse!
Busyness..our biggest enemy sometimes.
So, needless to say I was super excited when Lindsey,
from SuburbanTurmoil, decided to do an online
study with anyone interested!

If you have done a Beth Moore study, you know that
she is down to earth, deep, wise leader.
I have done several of her studies and have loved every one!
If you have not done a Beth Moore study, don't be overwhelmed
by the "worksheets" it's just a guide to help us
navigate through the word!
Living Beyone Yourself is a study on the fruits
of the spirit! In depth!!
If you are looking for a study to do in your own home,
check this out and join us!
Follow Lindsey's link and sign up.
It's $23.00 for videos and the worksheets,
which can be accessed through the lifeway site.
It's starting today..but you can join anytime and catch up!

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