Summer Ending

Darren left last week for his new job!
It was not too heart wrenching to say good-bye because,
by God's perfect timing, my BFF from Ohio was flying
in that morning...the timing was PERFECT and
planned weeks before Darren even got the job~
We have been friends since we were 10yrs old and
we have never had a "vacation" together.
We spent a few days in Portland doing fun things,
like massages, eating, tattoos..you know, stuff like that.. ; )

Dinner at
Henry's Tavern
City view from
The Departure Lounge

I'm headed on my first long road trip by myself, with my youngest!
I'm excited! We are headed to Cali to see Darren and have
a vacay! The older kids will join us next week~

I just bought "JESUS CALLING" on itunes!
Great songs inspired by the devotional book by Sarah Young!
 My favorite song has been REST by Matthew West!
I feel as if my heart is finally resting..in the arms of the one you holds
my hand! Check it out- Cool song!
**Could not post from youtube, but go check it out*

Matthew West

I am calling, are you listening
I'm waiting for you, you keep running,
always chasing, stop striving,
Just rest for awhile,
rest in my love,
in my arms,
Won't you rest here in the
hands that are holding
your heart!
All who are weary and find rest in the light of my grace,
while I put all your pieces back into place,

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Fun Pen said...

Beautiful Poetry! Would love to hear the music!