Being Intentional-The Face of Jesus~

“We can only champion
the cause of the poor from a place
of fascination with Jesus.
 Lest we try to replace
ourselves as the Savior
(International House of Prayer fb page)
On Tuesday night, during our devotion, team time,
I encouraged the students to be INTENTIONAL,
to look for the face of Jesus this week!
Don't miss the face of Jesus~

One the evenings during our trip, we were invited into host’s homes. Each site that we worked at (Education, Sports, Social Work, just to name a few) had someone in the community that was willing to open their home and make a true Dominican dinner for Americans.  Many families are not able to just make a good home cooked meal for 7-10 people, but are more than willing. Students International offers to give them some money to cook and open their home to us. One of my favorite things about the Dominican culture is their “layed back” easy-going way of life. Yes, they do take “siestas” Not only are they generally easy going, they are hospitable! I already shared about visiting with Isabella while she gave me a pedicure for 190 pesos ($5) Amazing gift of hospitality that girl had for me :)
Back to the host home night…..(stay with me…ha) We went to the home of one of the girls that plays volleyball through the sports site, Keysi. Her mother graciously opened her home to 7 of us. We had our gifts for them in our hand, piled into the back of the truck and one by one groups were dropped off at different hosts homes. The medical site went to the missionary doctors home, the physical therapy site went to the secretary, Rosie's home (a Dominican) ..our groups was last and furthest away. We continued driving up hills, through city streets, around scooter after scooter, while Dominicans line the streets yelling at the white people in the back of the truck, some cheering, some yelling gross things at our pretty white girls….

We finally arrive at a neighborhood lined with rows and rows of small homes, (some huts) We began walking down the dirt alley. I was sticking close to Jess, (sports site leader) while counting heads,  ignoring remarks of the neighbors. Jess walks this road often! She has loved this girl and her family…so much, that she led them right into the arms  of Jesus. Keysi got baptized this past summer and although her mom hasn't accepted Jesus yet, she came to watch! How beautiful is that?? Because of the work Jess is doing, because of her love and passion for teenage girls, Keysi has found Jesus and is being discipled, mentored and loved by Jess!

From Jess' fb page
Jess is in the back right,
Keysi in the pink
Jess took them out for getting
good grades!
What an angel!!
Back to dinner...stick with me, so much to share :)

Keysi's home

We walked into the home, a small livingroom & kitchen with two small rooms to the side. I wasnt' sure we would all fit around the table..(we didn't) Keysi and her mom stood while we ate. We squeezed around the table, prayed and began to dig in. They meal was delicious!

 After dinner, they wanted to show us their pig….I never did see the pig but heard it :)
This is the pig's home~
~Keysi's story is long and heavy, at the young age of 15, but I believe she has found hope! I see it, the joy, hope and I see Jesus!

We hug, kiss, take a few pictures and say goodbye. We walked back up that dirt road to our truck, hot and pouring rain, mud sticking to my toes, and I can’t help but be undone deep in my soul. This is life, this is their life and I believe it’s beautiful Holy Ground that I have never experienced before....I believe I saw a beautiful work being done in that 3 room home in the hills of Jarabacoa!

Don’t miss the face of Jesus! Don’t miss the face of Jesus!

Dinner: Chicken, Fried plantain, rice with corn
I'm sure all these dishes have names...I just don't know what they are..ha
Keysi is on the far right and her mom, in the yellow!
Sweet family!

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