Sweet Angels

Sometimes we can spend 30 minutes with someone
and you know that you will always have
them in your heart!
That in a short time, they have wedged a space in your memory
that will never be forgotten.
This darling face, contagious giggle (usually at my spanish)
and huge heart will ALWAYS be  a memory from the Dominican Republic!

She and her husband live on the base.
I met her during dinner one night
and she ask me to come to her home
to  give me a pedicure. Such a sweet, joyful
23 year-old mom. I ended up
spending longer than I had planned that afternoon.
She spoke little English and my Spanish is "un poquito"
Most of the time we understood eachother..other times we
just laughed at eachother, having no idea what the other just said! ha!
Her daughter Isabella

Her son, Samuel, shared all of his art work with us!

She was such a JOY~
I went back the next day with Molly and her
friend Christa.

This is Isabelle and her sister Julie.

This sweet angel had the gift of hospitality
in her home~ not alot to offer, just her smile and her nail art!
A SWEET blessing~

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