Loving the Dominicans

The hot, dusting room was big enough for two tables and a small desk in the corner. The young girls began showing up one by one, 30 minutes early to just hang out. No moms dropping them off, just scooters, bikes and those walking up the dirt rood. The girls, no more than 18, in short shorts and little tank tops, beautiful skin and huge smiles, each kissed me on the cheek, a custom in this country. 

* I noticed a young girl sitting alone playing with a bookmark, not making eye contact with anyone. Her darker skin told me she was Haitian. I went and sat with her, trying to make conversation in broken Spanish. She was a sweet 11 year-old, coming to Bible Study, insecure like many her age, quiet and reserved. I noticed that the other girls did not speak to her. Confused by that, I later I found out that Haitians are not accepted in that community (and much of the country)

We began by going around the table introducing ourselves. After they shared their name, they would say “tengo novio or no tengo novio” They would tell me if they had a boyfriend or not. A priority and a sign of identity for them. This led to a discussion about what makes a good “novia” (with a translator of course J  It was soon after that, a girl stood up, shoved the Bible under her arm and began imitating Americanos….(the ones that have come to do “mission work” to serve, to love….I was one of those Americanos she was referring.) She went on…People tell me  God’s Word says this, God’s Word says that, God’s Word says don’t do this, don’t do that” She threw the Bible on the table. “Where? Where do I find all this stuff they tell me, I wanna know, all I know is that I’m missing it!”

The girls dancing after Bible Study
Beautiful Daisy, the Bible study leader, social worker and Mother Teresa to the community, smiled and said, “That’s why I’m here, to teach you! Let’s get started”
I love my day at the Social Work site in El Callejon! Loved it! My heart was heavy with what I saw but I LOVED the Dominican girls!

I didn’t go on this trip to be a super hero, I didn’t go on this trip to save the country, I didn’t even go on this trip to build a church. Yes, I went to serve, went to love, went to do what I could, where I could.... I also  went on this trip to be rocked, to go deeper, to allow God to shake up my little comfort zone. It was all those things but more than falling in love with the Dominican people, I fell in love with every missionary working there. Their heart, their compassion, their self-sacrifice is what rocked me to the core! They were there by choice, to live without a dryer, hot water, dependable electricity, with mosquitos and other creatures and all the comforts of America…they were there to teach them GOD’S UNFAILING LOVE and to show them God’s Word DAILY..DAILY…DAILY!
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Our afternoon craft with the women in the community

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Robin said...

Did you get the young Haitian girls name that sat alone?
Your words moved me. I almost had a sense of dirt under my feet. Ah what a burden to have! Thanks for sharing friend.