My baby girl turned 13 last weekend!!
Her best friend's grandparents own this corn maze
and had this pumpkin waiting for her! Sweet!
Just a few of her awesome friends
She had invited a few guys but they
had football, I love that one guy, Noah,
 still came...he said it was his dream
come true! haha!
After the haunted corn maze....that took 1 hour to go through!
Lunch with her bro and sis~

It was a fun weekend of celebration!
I love celebrating this girl,
she celebrates life everyday!
She is crazy, funny,
passionate, compassionate,
insightful, caring, self-confident,
loving, thoughtful, spontaneous,
and a lover of life..PERIOD!
I wrote this a few years ago...it's a little
story of her rough start in life and how
she came out FIGHTING!
She blesses me and the Lord has
used her to change and heal so much of me!

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robin said...

I love that girl.