A few Randoms:

*I had an awesome weekend with Darren in Cali,
sweet time, lazy days, long conversations,
good food, walks on the beach and a 5 mile run!
Priceless...so hard to say good-bye, even though I will see him in 16 days!
Santa Cruz
He took me to the best Sushi bar ever! (and he doesn't even like sushi)

*3 day school week, end of quarter, inservice and Veteran's Day
I love my job, but days off are always nice too :)
1/4 of the year done!

* Are you doing 30 Days of Thanks this month?
It's so fun to see so many people participating on Facebook!
What a way to cultivate a heart of thanks!
I'm doing this with my 8th grade Bible class at school!
Love it!

*I'm going through an awesome series on Jeremiah.
It's found at OnePlace by Beth Moore.
I've never done a study just on that book...love getting up early and
starting my day with it!

*I'm digging through Rob Bell's book, Love Wins.
I know there are so many opinions out there about this book,
but a friend gave it to me and I think it's time
I read it and stop forming an opinion based on what I have heard! ha!
Sounds terrible, but I did!
Still not sure what I think, not quite done with it.

If we thirst for Shalom and we long for the PEACE that
trasencds all understanding God deosn't just give,
they're poured out on us..
until we are ovewhelmed!
It's like a feast where the food
and wine don't run out!!!
Rob Bell~


Robin said...

Edit edit edit! Need the pic of the coast and of the church!
#1000gifts! xoxoxo

Robin said...

BTW love that pic of you and Dar!

davfam5 said...

So glad you had a great time! Just trying to keep up with my friend's blogs and tweets and whatever else is out there!!! :) Luvs!