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I love a good challenge,
not a competitive kind of challenge,
But I do love to be pushed  and I usually
rise to the occasion.
"Stretch me Lord, push me out of my comfort zone,
teach me new things, GROW me, Father.."
you know those "throw out" quick prayers
we pray. We really do want more of Him,
but don't let it be painful, Jesus!
Growing pains hurt! PAINS!
Growing is not comfortable...
but I feel a little more confident, stronger,
more of a fighter, if you will, I feel
as if the GROWth is teaching me
so much more about myself,
HIS beauty!
I'm holding on~


Anonymous said...

it is SO TRUE. i love the result of growth, but i detest the pain and discomfort of it...until the discomfort of stagnancy is worse than the discomfort of growth.

thank you for this, number 159.

love, number 160

Nikki said...

love this! I am really feeling you on this, Lord knows! :-)

Lori said...

This prayer describes the past year and a half of my life perfectly. I know this can stand alone as a poem, but it truly is a prayer, and in different ways, I say this all the time! :) Beautiful. ~Lori