I had the most AMAZING birthday weekend
with my friends, my kids, my parents and then
ending the weekend with Darren returning home
from California.
I keep thinking birthdays will get
boring and dreadful as I get older,
but I still love them! love em!
I love them because I am so blessed
with MANYYY lovely, beautiful,
loving people in my life
that make it great!
Just a few pics from the weekend of partying~
On my way to celebrate getting OLD~

Breakfast #1
Split hueves rancheros and poached eggs~yum

breakfast on day 2, made by my kiddos~

The girls behind the planning of this extravaganza!
Soul sista, kimmie~

Cake pops and lattes with the family~
Happy Thanksgiving!
May you be a blessed, cozy time with family and friends!
Count your blessings today~
We are so blessed!


Robin said...

I'm thankful for you!

tap dance songs said...

nice one. so sweet of you