Pictures Speak

A few more pictures from our trip to the Dominican Republic~
A month ago today we were spending our first full day there~
I think about it everyday, the people, the places
we visited, the land, Student's International,
All of it.
There is no way to put into words
So I hold onto these pictures.
These are borrowed from friends we met there.
Missing it~


Our endless supply of POP.
Orange Fanta became my drink of choice~
The truck, our daily transportation

One of our students talking to a PT patient.

Only 5 people on the bridge at a time.
Yeah, the Dominicans didn't follow this rule,
scared the bajeezus out of me!


Robin said...

Oh this all is embedded in your heart sister. So wish I could have experienced it with you. Maybe someday. I would love to link fingers and walk on that bridge with you. Of course I would be quite tempted to make it sway and bounce and hear you squeal. Awesome pics!

Tracy: said...

You will go back with me! You will!!! BUT..I WILL NOT walk on that bridge with you!