Changing of Seasons

I believe I am done with my unplanned blog sabatical-ha!
When I took a break in March, I didn't think it would take
me nine months to come back to this place!
I'm excited to start sharing/writing again!
I kept thinking I would start up again in the new year,
but hey, why wait? No better time than Christmas!
Spring 2012
Some days I was sure I going to explode
-we were heading into the end
 of Darren and I living in two different states for 9 months,
Molly graduating,
 moving our life to California,
Saying good-bye to family,
dear friends,
an awesome school and great job-
I was beyond ready-
what I was not beyond ready for
 was all the good-byes,
my girl graduating,
it taking a few weeks (or months) to readjust to living with
my husband, moving,
starting a new job and preparing for
our two oldest to move 6-8 hours south..going from a family of 5 to a family of 3.
 I got the wind knocked out of me when things
seem to come to a screaming halt in August or September!
I found myself in a rut and I was in serious flight or fight mode!
through several conversations, tears, prayers,
old and new friends and my ever so patient husband
(and a great doctor and life-saver of a chiropractor/friend, ha)
as always, but not quickly, God's grace, love and patience permiated my soul,
He persued me through quiet, long, sleepless nights!
My greatest gift for me this fall was being dropped right into a small group of
7-8 girls that are sweet, loving, on fire, tender women that LOVE Jesus!
It was on a late,Monday night after Bible study that I am sure that
Jesus met me in a church parking lot-my soul was healed!
My heart was given a jolt, as if it's been hit with
 5 energy drinks-brrrriiiinnnggg it on!
Let's move forward-
New opportunities
 new season
New Life-Abudant~
(Not always easy but always in the right time! )
The thief comes only to steal
and kill and destroy;
I have come that
they may have life,
and have it to the full.
John 10:10

Ready for the Advent Season!
Every day unwraps more of His Love~