She is There, We are Here!

How does a mom send their semi-adult child off to another country? Alone! Surely, many have done it.
This quiet, solid, tender child of mine has moved to Nicaragua for the next 16 weeks. Something deep in me tells me this country may steal her heart!

 When Molly was 3, she woke up one morning and said, "Today, I will learn to tie my shoes" By the time that sweet, sassy face went to bed that night, she could tie both shoes and had no interest in her pink, light up- velcro tennis shoes ever again. When she was 4, she said, "Today, I will learn to spell my last name."  She and her older brother memorized those 11 letters by days end. (Tim was not going to be out done by his little sister.)When she was 5, she said, "Dad, today I'm going to learn to swim, will you teach me?" They swam all day and she never feared the deep water again. This is Molly. The still waters run deep with this girl.
I'm not sure why I was so surprised in the spring when she told us she felt like God wanted her somewhere else besides Azusa Pacific University, where she had a great freshman year. It seemed she may just be tired, overwhelmed and needed a good summer break. Why was I surprised when she said, "I'm going to Nicaragua" and she really followed through. A place she had never been and so random and out of the blue. So God like...Random, out of the blue and exciting! :) That was June. She boarded the plane, fully funded by generous family and friends, exactly 8 weeks later. Only by the grace of God.
 I watched that long brown hair go through the security line and to her gate until I could no longer see her. Oh my heart!  My mom heart was shaking, my head spinning standing in that airport....I was sure I was putting my 5 year-old on a plane to another country. It took everything in me to keep from grabbing her and taking her home, safely with her parents.I know the girl we kissed good-bye will have her world and tender heart shaken to the core by what she experiences over the next 16 weeks.
 I know this is JUST AS IT SHOULD BE. It still seems surreal. She is there and we are here!

 Here is a little update from her first four days. Already amazing..already beautiful...already God is moving. HE is so gracious and loving in the way HE leads!

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