Our front yard

A view down by campusThe trees in our front yard

Molly, Haley and Darren after
hours of sledding (tractor included)

Our Christmas break from school started early this year. We had four snow days and only one day at school to squeeze in every Christmas craft and hand-made gift for my students' parents. Our Christmas party will be postponed until January : ) On our days off, we spent hours outside, we did some last minute shopping when it was finally safe to drive and we did lots of baking.

The girls helped me for awhile
but then disappeared to do a little of this.....
and a little of this...yes, reading,
of course they read when it's not "homework"

It was a fun prelude to the beginning of break.

There was something nice about being "snowed in"

and having to stick around the house and spend some

good family time together!

Tim was in LA celebrating his 17th birhtday

by spending time with his way cool uncle.

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