Over Break We........

Our Christmas Break started a little early this year with four snow days. Our Christmas concert and school party were canceled....but some fun memories were made with our snowed in days leading up to Christmas. Tim started his vacation early by celebrating his 17th bday in Los Angeles with my brother. They drove home together with my brother's son...I mean dog! Once they got here, 14 days of party began. My future SIL came a few days after Christmas and we partied some more!!

1. We baked
2. We ate
3. We celebrated my mom and Tim's birthday with a wonderful dinner made by my dad.
4. We shopped
5. We played in the snow
6. We went to movies
7. We watched movies
8. I read three books
9. We built forts
10. We played dress-up
11. We played hours of guitar hero
12. We watched Aunt Liz make hats and scarves and pies....(she's my hero)
13. We had a slumber party on Christmas Eve
14. We read the Christmas story at the dinner table
15. We played games (games that were made in 1985 and completely outdated)
16. We had company....dear friends from Seattle and had another slumber party
17. We played dress-up again
18. We went to a cabin for a night with other dear friends
19. We re-arranged furniture (well, my company did : )
20. I SLEPT in!

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Laurie said...

Very cute pics. Nice list! A FULL Christmas break!
p.s. - I hope you are getting A/R points for those three books you read - wouldn't it be great if A/R points were transferrable to our children???