What's a Hike Without an Ipod!

I love that we have a family day of hiking and
our teenagers have ipods!

This girl didn't make it very far before she needed to sit down
and rest her weary legs!

We got to the top at the most perfect time. Look at the sun!
We don't say that very often around here in the NW...LOOK AT THE SUN!


Laurie said...

How funny - I told you I was all excited that Carly agreed to take a walk with me yesterday, and when we got ready to walk out the door she had her ipod in her ears. So, we still had fun even if I did alot of loud conversing and she did alot of saying, "What?" ;)

Tracy: said...

That is so funny...it's hard to complain about it because it's just who a "teenager" is.....Headphones in the ears...I was just happy that they were excited to go with us, didn't complain, took pictures and had fun : )