Weekend Recap #2

I packed alot of fun stuff into this 3 day weekend, even some good sleep! I slept in, celebrated 3 birthdays, saw Valentines Day, (loved it) got a pedi with some girlfriends, baked with my youngest and started a week long birthday celebration for my man! Tonight, we had some dessert and junk food after dinner and opened a few presents. Haley, my creative girl, decorated and made signs for her dad all over the house. She put a sign on the door, "Club 41" (his age) Her creativeness never ceases to amaze me!  She brought some of her little lamps from her room out to the livingroom and had mood lighting..ha! Darren's bday is Wednesday, youth group night and I'm sure we will get very little partying in. Tomorrow night we have a frozen yogurt date planned. The cutest, funnest little yogurt shop opened up by the college campus in town. So cute, self-serve and delish!
Tim and Molly doing a little late night line dancing ; )
I read this tonight:  Approach your day with the awareness of who is BOSS. As you make plans for your day, remember that it is I who orchestrates the events of your life. I know the plans I have for you and they are good!

Crawling in my warm bed, with clean sheets and fresh pj's (aka sweatshirt) thanking God for the reminder that every breath I take is a gift from HIM and looking forward to a new week to watch HIM do HIS work through me!

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