A Great Cause~

(the awesome group of seniors, my son is right in the middle)

My son's senior class has been doing a fundraiser all year

for a local cancer center.
The ended the year, with a
talent show. It was AMAZING!
All the guys to a great job and I'm so proud
of the time and effort spent for such a good cause!
The Group dancing to some awesome early 90's songs! ha!

They have been raising money for a local cancer center in our community. It is in honor of a dearly loved woman that passed away last year of cancer. She worked in the elementary school office and had children in the high school. What a cool thing for these kids to do. It's been awesome watching them raise money for such a special and important cause. They have done everything from car washes to selling "CRUSH" pop on Valentines Day, having an extravagant bake sale, and best of all, they waxed their legs...that's a ton of waxing for my boy...ha!

Here are a few of the guys that participated.
Tim is in the PLNU sweatshirt..(the college where is headed :)

The moms had to come up on stage and answer questions
about their son...their favorite sport,
their favorite meal, which is the ONLY question we missed,
I said his favorite meal I made was "everything"
Seriously, the boys likes all foods :)
We are on the far left.


Donnetta said...

I so enjoyed reading about this! Kids looking beyond themselves to reach out and benefit others. Fantastic!

What an encouragement and inspiration to others to do the same.

Cia Teatro dos Orelhas said...
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