Without Christ~Thankful for the Blood

I've been listening to a great sermon series by
Chuck Swindoll. He has been teaching of
Romans 1, The Wrath of God. A thought we don't like
to think about or focus on. In fact, we often brush this
thought, this passage, this Truth under the rug.
Who likes to focus/teach on the wrath of God!
I mean come on, God is LOVE, right?
Yes, HE is unfailing, unconditional, full of Grace, Loving Father!


We can embrace ALL of God's Truth
or we can suppress it!

It's easy to work so hard at not being "religious" or legalistic
that we can often begin to ignore, overshadow or suppress
the truth that is spoken in Romans 1.
It's not easy to read. It's not easy to preach,
 teach or sometimes even live it.
But it's TRUTH, right out of the Living Word!
Really examining my life, not anyone else's..(which is also very easy to do.)
Pastor Swindoll encourages us to look at Romans 1 as "our story" not finger
pointing at how wrong others are......ouch!

They pretended to know it all,
but were illiterate regarding life.
They traded the glory of God
who holds the whole world in his
hands for cheap figurines
you can buy at any roadside stand.
Romans 1:18

There is no worse slavery than the slavery to sin!

This is how Romans 1 is wrapped up....

Furthermore, since they did not think it worthwhile
to retain the knowledge of God, he gave them over
to a depraved mind, to do what ought not to be done.
Romans 1:28

Basically, they were found worthless....found worthless!
The most painful words to hear.

This is what the life is like when the TRUTH is suppressed!
We are all full of it....WITHOUT CHRIST~

What can wash away my sin,
nothing but the blood of Jesus!

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Heather of Swallowing A Moose said...

Praise be to God that all He see's is Jesus' blood and righteousness spilled out all over each of us believeing and recieving!

Praise be to God that His wrath was exhausted upon the body of Jesus that we who believe may walk free because of His blood!

Praise be to God that it wasn't me who would have to uphold the law because we all know that would be impossible.

Yes, nothing but the blood.... of Jesus!