Winner, Graduation & New Beginnings~

I am just a little late in an announcing a winner for the journal! Sorry for the delay. We have a few things going on around here with graduation, company, end of the school year stuff, husband out of town, new job (can't wait to share more about that) and much more!
But without further ado....the winner is PAIGE!!!
Go check out her cute blog when you have a chance!

Today is my sweet boy's last day of high school!! EEEKK! So strange driving to school with him today, sitting in the front seat, everyday, listening to music or just talking...I will miss him! It will be a whole new dynamic for our family..missing a piece.. : ( I'm so excited for his new venture, this new chapter in his life, this new beginning for him! He will be going to school in San Diego, to our alma mater! That's even more exciting for us but it's soooo far away! I try not to scream.."don't leave your mama" ha! I only let him know how excited and proud we are of him! God has been so faithful in paving the way for him to go to college, from providing some money (still choking us though, ha) roomates, friends and other confirmation that this is the place for him! I love that Tim can see that in his life already! God is good and faithful in every detail of our lives, friends!!

In the midst of the crazy, crazy season for us...I dream of this!!!

I would love to be relaxing in the beautiful hot tub
overlooking the ocean!! mmmm!

Reading a good book in the fun tent! : )

Here's to a NEW CHAPTER!~

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RosyRose said...

Thinking about how hard it must be to see them fly out of the nest! I think that hot tub picture looks perfect!