It's Here~

 It's graduation week, the last day of school for my class, 7 graduation parties, field trips, class parties, Baccalaurate and senior trips! That has all taken place in 7 days! Fun! Crazy! Tomorrow is graduation and the alnight party that I am helping chaperone. Family is flying in today. The decorations are up! The chaos is in full swing! Fun chaos!!

In January, I said I wanted to take a family picture of all 5 of us every month.
That has been difficult to get us all in one place at one time and someone to take the pic!
OR I have just forgotten! Ha!
This one was taken at Tim's Baccalaureate on Sunday!
I love it!
I love my familia!!
Off to party!
Here's my song of the week! : )
Title alone says it all!


Robin said...

Ahh I just blogged too. Feelin you sista!!!

Kate said...

Sweet picture! What a cute family!!

Amanda said...

Look at that gorgeous family!! And it's hard to tell who are the daughters because you look so young!!

Rachael. said...

What a great picture!!!

Oh and I love that song!