A Summer Monday

We had a super relaxing weekend with the fam!~
It started off with a delish  dinner with one of my favorite families!
and a few other teachers from school.
A family in my class invited us all over
for an end of year party!
There was a pond, canoe,
rope swing, fire pit, and WORSHIP!
Couldn't ask for a better evening!

Saturday was a lazy morning,
a quick trip to farmer's market,
a nice run, (rain free ; )
and some dinner and hang
out time with the fam
and a few friends!

Sunday we celebrated the DAD'S in my life!
My own amazing dad and my husband, the best father ever!
Again, a lazy afternoon, which included a nap!
I NEVER can get my hubby
to take a nap with me!
It was heavenly!
Then we hung out all evening with
ALL 5 of us home! RARE!
I stayed up late, made smoothies, ate popcorn
and played "Words with Friends"
 (my new addiction: )

I've been listening to some Rosi Golan.
Not too familiar with her but I heard her
and instantly LOVED her!
She reminds me a bit of Regina Spector,

Also, the lyrics to this song have been blasting
in my kitchen all afternoon! (while a made a yummy pot roast)
Ever feel like that? We all do!

Stop the world, need an escape,
Need to be still and hear HIS voice!
mmmmm, my heart craves precious time with Jesus!
Working on slowing down this summer and getting
that every morning!

One more thing....Loving yellow, Lemons and clear jars!
My new purchase!

Don't ya love this table!

What did you do this weekend?

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alicia said...

Sounds like a fun weekend. We had a lazy weekend at home with hubs for father's day.