Like Yesterday

This picture was taken in 1999
in Victorville, CA
It was a few weeks before Easter and
I had taken the kids to the mall for Sunday lunch.
For some reason Darren couldn't join us and it was
just me with the 3 kiddos.
I remember Timothy not really wanting
to be in the picture and saying something like,
"This should be a picture for the girls" ha!
He still gave me a sweet smile and played along
with his crazy mom making an 8 year old get his
picture taken with the Easter bunny!
I put this picture on facebook a few days ago
and debated weather I should tag him or not,
but I did..He made it his profile picture!
ha! I love that!

Sweet Memories!

*Off to a Saturday evening Easter service to celebrate
the risen Savior!
Then sunrise service with my family!
Missing my boy this Easter but he is
having an awesome weekend with my bro and sis
in LA! Thankful they are so close to him! BLESSING!

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Kate said...

I can't wait to do that with my girls! What a fun memory!!