The First 24 Hours

"Thoughts from a First Time Mission Tripper"
The first 24 hours home:
They say the re-entry can leave you feeling a little raw.
Whether you are on out of the country 8 months or 8 days.
I'm raw!

My eyes saw things I didn't think existed,
My heart went places I didn't know it could go,
and my soul is left to process it here in my comfy US livingroom.
You can't spend time in another country and not be changed.
You can't look into the eyes that I did and not be changed.
You can't spend days with sweet faces, loud laughs,
spirited children living in places they were living
and not be changed.
You can't read Buenes Noches, Luna
to a giggly, pig tailed little girl in the hills of Mota Gorda
and not be changed!!

The person that flew into Santiago on
Oct. 8 was not the same person that left Oct 16
Not at all!

How am I changed?
What did God teach me?
What did I learn?

Can't put it into words yet...I just know
that what weighed heavy on my mind
 10 days ago, no longer have a place in my mind at all!
I long for nothing but HIM!

The orphans shout for a loving father
And the whores reach out for a faithful lover
We’re all singing now
God, will you come by here?
The widows need life to raise the dead and
All the beggars plead for their daily bread
Oh, we’re all singing please
God, will you come by here?
Come, we have nothing else God
And having You we want for nothing


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Robin said...

Thanks for sharing friend! Words so true and spoken like a child of God with a new heart form missions.